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came in. it was jeff bryce from reservation neck us in salem, utah. his company make once of the top systems for online booking. >> erica, i want to introduce you to jeff bryce of resnexus. he does reservations for inns just like this. >> erica, good to meet you. >> good to meet you, jeff. >> we'll match up your reservation page to our website and showcase your experience and allow get guests to book right on line. >> it sounds great. >> what's your thoughts? fears, changing over? >> i'm a little nervous sfloo what are the timelines? >> i can see you cutting that time in half initially and then over time the majority of that time spent will be spent in other areas. >> that sounds like a vacation maybe. >> yeah, it sure does. >> online booking has pretty much become the industry's standard and care says without it she's sure she's lost out on a lot of reservations. >> the footsteps i wanted to hear. >> denise, owner of the s-3 agency in new jersey offered to redo ericka's website incorporating all these new elements. >> this really has more of a modern flair to it because it shows mod
to find out. ♪ are you ready for a new sensation ♪ >> back in march we visited with jeff and steven. they were considering shutting down their wedding dress business called fancy new york. sales were disappointing. our makeover team had a lot of suggestions. one of the biggest, a name change. the company's now called fancy bridle and things are picking up with the guidance of the business experts. the brothers moved their production from overseas. the dresses are now made at a competitive cost right down the street from their showroom in new york's garment industry. steven who was living abroad moved back to new york so they could work on the business together. they also took our social media advice and have embraced pinterest. introducing their tea-length dresses to a whole new audience. they just shipped their major shipment to major up-scale retail jeer in june we went to massachusetts where their contracting kpaerngs synergy total home was bleeding money. we worked with them on their name changing it to howehowell & howell & dunworth remodels and overhauled their website. unfort
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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